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TACT, The Automated Contractor's Tool, is a complete system for contractors. It handles all accounting functions and tracks job costs, equipment and tools for your company. It is easy to use, clearly designed with easy-to-follow menus. It flows logically the way your office does. All menus can be password protected.

TACT was designed knowing people make mistakes. It is easy to correct any mistakes in TACT. All entries may be deleted or changed at any time up until they are posted to the General Ledger. And TACT doesn't force you to post to the General Ledger, you decide when you want to do that. You can reconcile your checkbook, analyze your jobs and review your aged reports without ever having to post. This allows you to make corrections BEFORE the data is permanently fixed in your General Ledger.

You can see temporary financial statements at any time for any date. Job cost reports are available for any date. As are aged reports. TACT works off the date you tell it to use. It doesn't matter when the data was entered.

TACT is supported by construction bookkeepers. They are there to answer all your day-to-day questions about getting the most out of TACT. They don't put you on hold. A support person will either answer the phone directly or you will get a call back within minutes, not hours, if all support personnel are tied up. And we pay all phone charges for support on our unlimited toll-free support program.